# Short trip to………..?? #DAY1

I am so excited for a short trip to ……..(guess ladies) and got busy packing myself oh what did i say oh sorry my bad, not packing myself ;-0 packing my stuff ahem! See you can already witness my excitement.

well so i have put together an outfit for the 1st day of the trip :-)

IMG_1764 copy

as you can see i am big fan of MAC products especially their lipsticks, nail laquer, primer hmm i am kind of giving you a total list i see well every thing one of the reason being they have products for every skin tone especially an INDIAN skin tone with a wheatish brown complexion. They do have a red lipstick shade especially for my kind of a skin tone which is really great…

Did you guess the place yet…. ;-@ oh no no not what you think ok (not PARIS for sure). OK start guessing guys and see you soon :-)