Wednesday W O W (word of wisdom) !

HELLOOOOO!  LADIES!   \ ( ˜ 0 ˜ ) /

I am back and I am screaming with happiness as I am seeing someone regularly :) yes yes i know what you might be thinking but no, i am not talking about Men    ˜-  ˜ ?  confused?? (don’t be, i am still happily married).

As SPRING has officially SPRUNG, I am seeing SUNSHINE every day and I am very happy and i feel like dancing like a peacock as it does when it spots the traces of rain. Back in India, I used to kick up a fuss, yammer and anything which is relevant to the word “COMPLAIN” where the days are SUNNY and HOT, but now,  my perception has changed as I successfully made through the depressing winter colds apart from snow (which i love). I don’t complain much about it though as there were fashion weeks happening all over the world with awe-inspiring street styles and heart stirring designer ramps to feed my RAM with.

WELL OK :-3 i have said enough. Lets come to the point, let us concentrate on “FASHION WISDOM”

Preppy (adjective) : A preppy style is a typical country club look of 70’s and 80’s which remained a classic; includes styles like plaid patterns, polos, khakis and penny loafers;

I love these style peeks from the streets:

Image via Style Du Monde – Khakis
Image via Style Du Monde – Plaid coat
Image via Style Du Monde – Plaid coat and polo
Image via Style Du Monde – Penny loafers
Image via Style Du Monde – Penny Loafers