OOOH LA LA ! ITS WEDNESDAY! W O W (Word of wisdom)

Hello daily Check-iner’s ! How are you today?

So, here I am with today’s Word – of – Wisdom;

Granny – Chic (Adjective) : Fashion inspired by your dearest granny; Vintage; Blanket coats to capes, tweeds, pearls and anything 70s inspired.

Here are few styles which can inspire your eyes…

Image via Style Du Monde
Image via StyleDuMonde
Image via StyleDuMonde
Image via StyleDuMonde



Wednesday W O W (word of wisdom) !

HELLOOOOO!  LADIES!   \ ( ˜ 0 ˜ ) /

I am back and I am screaming with happiness as I am seeing someone regularly :) yes yes i know what you might be thinking but no, i am not talking about Men    ˜-  ˜ ?  confused?? (don’t be, i am still happily married).

As SPRING has officially SPRUNG, I am seeing SUNSHINE every day and I am very happy and i feel like dancing like a peacock as it does when it spots the traces of rain. Back in India, I used to kick up a fuss, yammer and anything which is relevant to the word “COMPLAIN” where the days are SUNNY and HOT, but now,  my perception has changed as I successfully made through the depressing winter colds apart from snow (which i love). I don’t complain much about it though as there were fashion weeks happening all over the world with awe-inspiring street styles and heart stirring designer ramps to feed my RAM with.

WELL OK :-3 i have said enough. Lets come to the point, let us concentrate on “FASHION WISDOM”

Preppy (adjective) : A preppy style is a typical country club look of 70’s and 80’s which remained a classic; includes styles like plaid patterns, polos, khakis and penny loafers;

I love these style peeks from the streets:

Image via Style Du Monde – Khakis
Image via Style Du Monde – Plaid coat
Image via Style Du Monde – Plaid coat and polo
Image via Style Du Monde – Penny loafers
Image via Style Du Monde – Penny Loafers


“70’s clouds are here to soak you up”



Chloe’s Fall/Winter 2015 – a peek into the runway…

winter2015-look26 winter2015-look5 winter2015-look7 winter2015-look20 winter2015-look24 winter2015-look32


Image via Styledumonde –
Image via Styledumonde –
Image via Styledumonde –
Image via Styledumonde –
Image via Styledumonde –
Image via Lee Oliveira –
Image via Styledumonde –
Image via Styledumonde –
Image via Styledumonde –
Image via Styledumonde –

XOXOXO – Brinda

A date with Spring :)

Springdayboard spring2015board