A Perfect Mistake


Image via: http://www.styledumonde.com       chunky big sweater
             Image via http://www.styledumonde.com      Prints together
 Image via http://www.styledumonde.com     Karlie Kloss in Messy bun


               Image via: http://www.styledumonde.com     Sequins for day look
           Image via: http://www.styledumonde.com     Sneakers as part of a stylish outfit


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It’s called wednesday W O W (word of wisdom)


My “Lust have” List

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“70’s clouds are here to soak you up”



Chloe’s Fall/Winter 2015 – a peek into the runway…

winter2015-look26 winter2015-look5 winter2015-look7 winter2015-look20 winter2015-look24 winter2015-look32


Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com
Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com
Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com
Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com
Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com
Image via Lee Oliveira – http://www.leeoliveira.com
Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com
Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com
Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com
Image via Styledumonde – http://www.styledumonde.com

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Wednesday W O W (word of wisdom)


Image via http://www.leeoliveira.com A simple outfit that has got the element of smartness with sunglasses and a scarf
Image via http://www.easyfashion.blogspot.de/ A statement box clutch, knotted belt and groovy round sunglasses enhances the outfit so well
Image via http://www.styledumonde.com Got a sweater top or a pullover, team it up with a simple A line skirt and your always go to sneakers, a clutch or a bag and you are good to go.


Outfit inspiration for spring…

Flamingo Media PR


Rebecca Taylor white crop top

Preen blue skirt

Giuseppe Zanotti suede shoes

Leather purse


Irene Neuwirth gold fine jewelry

Tech accessory

Essie nail polish

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A date with Spring :)

Springdayboard spring2015board

Snow – s – piration !!


inspirationsnow inspiration2snow inspiration6blog

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Artwork credits : BGP (myself)

How Denim – Smart are you ?



Image credit: Lee Oliveira
Image credit: Lee Oliveira http://www.leeoliveira.com
Image credits: Lee Oliveira http://www.leeoliveira.com


Image credits: Lee Oliveira
Image credits: Lee Oliveira http://www.leeolilveira.com
Image credits: Style Du Monde
Image credits: Style Du Monde http://www.styledumonde.com

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Cross roads ? ! “”

hello there ;) did i just wink at you :@ sorry that was a little hangover i had this           morning, who gets a hangover with just a glass of wine, well i do, i really do #-)

okay! concentrate hmm.. i am not writing this post just out of hangover but                           in true senses alright ? !

Photo by Henry(https://www.flickr.com/photos/21823313@N05/)

How many of you have gone through the above phase ? never ever ? :-0                     really?? (i am sure someone at least have had, not just making me alone in here). I         have gone through it so many times from trying to figure out which lipstick,                         which clothes, which party, to… figuring out whether to be… an IT professional or to       follow my dream of exploring the creative world out there with passion…

Trust me it is really difficult and often confusing %-( as you have to pass                       through a bunch of influencers + uncertainties + black emotions…                                       blah blah blah… and finally after choosing the one you love, it is a great deal of               hard work and dedication (remember! nothing comes to you for free :-) right!

Sooo, while i don’t know what others think, i feel that

“Thou should believe in thou self” ;)

hope you understood !, tried to blend in some poetic                                                     english in me but umm… :-@

Listen what your gut says + use some brains as well…

———-How does it work??

well, you love to wear that red lipstick to office but feel awkward?? use your                       gut along with some brains, mute down the tone of your clothing, accessories                   and let only red lips shine on you, this way you are confident and can carry off                   the red lips even to office

Some day !

Handing over my Porsche Boxter to the valet guy at Hotel Ritz, Paris, where one of the suits is named after Coco Chanel as the legend who invented LBD to our rescue :) once lived there.

I am walking in J Brand’s 811 mid rise navy blue skinny jeans teamed up with Rag & Bone’s cashmere crew neck sweater, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker’s Serge booties, Ganni’s military long classic black coat to complete the look on a winter day. The add – ons including Fendi sunglasses in blonde havana, Nordstorm camel scarf and Mansur Gavriel’s big camel tote and a swaying fragrance from Chanel No. 5, waiting at the reception to check in …. hmmmmm but? what if its? ohhhh just a dream :(

Okay, alrighty no problem some day i will :)

as of now walking the street on a wintery day wearing  Veromoda’s low rise skinny jeans in navy blue, teamed with Mango’s T-shirt, Veromoda’s casual cardigan in burgundy and Forever 21 boucle overcoat, a mini DIY project “my own version of judo belt created using a thin belt without a buckle”, S.Oliver retro sunglasses in burgundy as accessories…