Well! Why don’t you do?

To give you all ladies out there, some snippets about doing things differently, we at justcheckedinblog.com have come up with this once in a month section on what all you can do. So, ladies! “brace yourselves!” for, this is the very first Article in the category.

Team up your denim with a button down shirt (look for statement sleeves), pair it up with your lady like pointed toes, a vintage scarf and ofcourse the red lips (just tone down the remaining makeup)

Image Courtesy – Imax Tree

Switch off your cell phone for a day, clean your wardrobe (donate, sell or recycle rather than stuffing them in your closet saying I have many clothes but I don’t know what to wear) and adopt a 5 piece capsule wardrobe to start with, like how the french do.wardrobe-essentials-page-001

Add a statement jacket on your going out slip dress for a change and see how the heads turn.

Image Courtesy – Imax Tree

Save up and invest in one classic bag like the classic quilted Chanel bag or a Dior or a Chloe and feel the pride (aspiration is healthy)

Chanel Classic Handbag – Shop Here

Save those hard earned bucks which you kept aside for a pair of Solitaire earrings for later i.e when you get into your 50’s. Go for statement jewelry now which you can only pass on to the next gen at later stages (remember we cannot reverse our age)

Tanzila Rab’s Art Deco Earrings – Shop Here
Whatever’s Swarovski Earrings –    Shop Here

Select your favorite color palette hues of midnight blue, whites or royal greens and create your signature dinner ware or porcelain collection with vases, pots, dinner plates everything belonging to the same palette. If you are up for more fun, step ahead and invest in the classics from the brands like Rosenthal, Villeroy & Boch  or anything you prefer. Don’t break your bank all at once, it is a collection, so collect piece by piece which also makes you feel good.

Villeroy & Boch’s Amazonia Anmut collection

Checkout for some selected pieces here…

Topshop Moto Jacket – ShopHere
DVF Joneva Jacket – ShopHere
Gucci Silk Scarf – ShopHere
Chloe shirt – ShopHere

You are free to give in your inputs on anything you like us to include in this category!


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