Chuck-in; Chuck-out; WISHLISTED; BUY; DONT BUY;

Hello there! Firstly I am so sorry and apologize about me not posting anything for so long :( forgive me for that !  will you?

OK now, we are friends right?

wondering the way I have titled the post? hmm no, I am not out of my mind yet ;-/

MY SHOPPING TRAILS THEY ARE :-) precisely, the way I do my shopping. I am not that kind who gets into a store the moment they put a big SALE sign and i am not an impulsive or a compulsive buyer. I am very particular about what i want and do some research before buying, I mostly check the trends online, pin them first if possible check physically if its available in the nearest store (not all the time but when i am doubtful whether the particular style suits me or not) and then decide what has to be bought and what has to be chucked and what has to be wish-listed, well it also depends on the amount of money I want to spend on shopping at that point of time. YEAH YEAH  it might seem little boring but I am like that, I can’t just buy everything with which i might regret later or overburden my closet. End of the day I should feel confident and happy without any regrets.

IMG_2503 copy

Mostly I am hauled to the upcoming designers or designers who bear the price points into consideration while creating them, of which my favorite is Self-Portrait, Kate Spade, Sam Edelman, Warehouse, Zimmerman…oh the list goes on. I also go with Zara or H&M for some good options. Of-course I do love owning a Valentino, Chanel, Christian Louboutin or a Fendi (for which I save and invest on them).


This is how I figure out what I buy, if you see I am quiet evidently got attracted to stripes and I have pinned two such styles one of which is a shirt dress from TOPSHOP for 50€ and the other, an oversized shirt from H&M for 20€, having two similar styles is not soo me, even though they differ a little, so I have gone ahead with H&M shirt also considering that I am already buying a eyelet shirt dress from SELF PORTRAIT for 270£.




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